Modern Technology Series: Ring Video Doorbell

With so much uncertainty in this world today, the one thing that you are able to control and be certain that you are keeping your family and home safe, is by getting some sort of home security system into place.

There are so many different options on the market today for security cameras and video doorbells, but I am going to tell you a little bit about one that I personally know about and that is the Ring Video Doorbell.

I personally do not have the extra cameras or the whole home security that they can offer you at Ring, but the options are wide open as to how secure you want to make your home. To be honest, there is a low monthly fee we pay for the doorbell (less than $5/a month) and then there is another fee to have them monitoring 24/7.  They have the Alarm Security System, Flood & Freeze Sensor, Smoke & CO Listener, and for added protection a Panic Button and Motion Detectors.

What I have at my home is the Ring Video Doorbell, which I just love. It was very easy to set up, but you can have it professionally installed, if necessary. I really like, when I am not home that I am able to see who comes to my door, like the delivery guy dropping off my packages or the neighbor kids asking to get something out of our backyard. We get an alert on our phones from the Ring app saying there is motion at our door, and you can get alerts on any other device you would like to connect to, example an I-watch or I-pad.  I am able to see, hear, and also speak to the person if I want to. There are settings on the app that allow you to set the motion of what your Ring picks up. It can pick up the cars on the road and the neighbors flag waving in the breeze or you can just have it set to pick up people. We have it just set to people as we were getting a lot of alerts for the flag waving and cars driving by.

Another neat feature they call “Neighbors” on the app, is that you can be in community with your neighbors in the area who also have a Ring doorbell. They can share on this feature anything they have seen on their own Ring doorbells as in any suspicious people or pesky animals that are running around.

We did try another brand of doorbell but it would always lose connection to our Wifi and the battery would run out way too fast. The Ring doorbell we have stays charged from 6-12 months depending on the usage and it only takes 4-10 hours to recharge. There is an option to purchase back-up batteries if you would like.

With all that is going on around us, I feel safer knowing that I have a little extra security for my family and home.  I also like the convenience of knowing when my deliveries are there and that I’m not missing anything. It makes me feel like I have one less thing to worry about in my day – and we all could use a little bit of that!

Check out the very informational webpage if you are interested in any of their products.