Pictured left:  Fourth of July celebration with fire department, New Prague, Minnesota. 1883-07-04. New Prague Area Historical Society, reflections.mndigital.org/catalog/npa:127 Accessed 17 June 2020.







Family, history, and traditions are ingrained here at K. A. Witt Construction, a New Prague family-owned business since 1934.  These are just some of the values that set our company apart from other home builders.  As you gather with friends and families over this holiday weekend, think about the traditions that have been passed down in your family. Do you spend the 4th on a lake, watching fireworks from a boat, or maybe in lawn chairs watching fireworks down-town. Even if the location of where you watch fireworks may be different this year, the people you watch them with, or the food we enjoy together can stay the same!  The town of New Prague, which is home to K. A. Witt, has passed down the tradition of celebrating our freedom together.  Although, we may not be able to gather as a town this year, we can think about and remember past celebrations.  Here are a few pictures from past Independence Day celebrations in New Prague.  The first photo is from 1883 with a gathering of the town’s fire department downtown.  The second photo is from 1900 with a marching band in costume in front of St. Wenceslaus Church.

Although, many things have changed throughout the years, the tradition of celebrating Independence Day with family and friends remains. We at K.A. Witt Construction will be enjoying time with friends and family this holiday weekend and looking forward to time when we can come together as a town again!  Have a safe and happy Independence Day!

Pictured right:  Fourth of July celebration, New Prague, Minnesota. 1900-07-04?. New Prague Area Historical Society, reflections.mndigital.org/catalog/npa:65 Accessed 17 June 2020.